Going Green

We are committed to using biodegradable, eco-friendly products

A message from The Owner-

“Here at Simply Fabulous, we strive to live in harmony and respect with nature. We have been recycling paper, glass and plastic since 1996.

After testing and researching different options, we feel comfortable that we have made the right decisions by switching to biodegradable, eco-friendly products.

We are confident that other companies will follow suit. For me, it is a reward to see my employees getting involved at home; making small changes and teaching their families how easy it is to go green. My wish for the future is to have more people and companies involved in the process of going green! I believe that each step we take toward recycling is a step toward improving our planet, the environment, and our future!”

Fabiola Francis

Owner of Simply Fabulous Catering

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Please come visit us at our Deli Located at 165 Madison Avenue, Inside the Lobby of FTB, Memphis, TN 38103!!!