Fab's Favorites


Crispy bacon, lettuce & tomatoes, your choice of bread.

Turkey Sandwich

Sliced turkey breast served on white or wheat with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions.

Patti Melt

Angus beef burger topped with your choice of cheese and grilled onions, served Panini style.

Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled to perfection, wrapped on a tortilla, served with cheese chips, salsa and sour cream.

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

Delicious and Tender Chicken on a bed of lettuce, tomato & mayo, served on a bun.
Add bacon $2.00

Bologna Sandwich

Served on two slices of fresh bread, slaw (plain or BBQ)

Jumbo Smoked Polish Sausage

Grilled to perfection with exceptional flavors served on a fresh bun.


Beautifully wrapped sandwich made with Tomato Basil tortilla with lettuce, tomato, cheese and house dressing.
Choose: Chicken, Turkey or Ham


Lean Beef Hamburger

Juicy Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, Lettuce,Tomatoes & Pickles.
Add fries $2.00 | Add bacon $2.00

All Beef Hotdog

Grilled, served on a fresh bun with Slaw, Relish and Ketchup.
Add chilli $1.00 | cheese .50

Beef Tamales

Fresh Beef tamales on a corn husk with cheese and sour cream on the side.

Mucho Nacho

Cheese and more cheese spread over crispy tortilla chips, jalapeños, seasoned beef and sour cream.


Two beef or chicken tacos served on a hard or soft shell, garnished with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and cilantro!

Burritos – NEW

Two beef or chicken burritos with cheese, sour cream wrapped on a flour tortilla, served with chips and salsa.

Chicken Tenders and Fries – NEW

Served w/ Honey Mustard or Ranch dressing


Catfish Po’ Boy

Catfish fried to perfection served with lettuce, tomato and our homemade tartar sauce.

Two Piece Catfish

Fried to perfection and served with fries, slaw and bread.


* Ask for additional daily veggie options

Two Veggie Tacos

Grilled veggies garnished with lettuce, cheese, onions and cilantro.

Two Veggie Kabobs

GTwo grilled kabobs, peppers, onions, broccoli – Vegan

Spinach Quesadilla

Grilled to perfection, wrapped on a tortilla, served with cheese, chips, salsa and sour cream.

Baked Potato Bar

Fabiola’s Baked Potato Bar with sour cream, cheese chives & butter.
Add chicken $3.00 | add bacon $1.00


Combos below served with fries and tea or can soda

Hamburger Combo


Hot Dog Combo


Turkey Combo


Fab’s Plate Lunch Special

Call us for the daily special!
Meat & two veggies served with a roll and beverage



Dressing: Ranch, Vinaigrette, Italian, Honey Mustard

Chef Salad

Mixed Greens, ham, turkey, cucumber, tomato, egg, Swiss/American cheese, served with crackers and choice of dressing.

Chicken Cobb Salad

Grilled Chicken, fresh avocado, eggs and onions on a bed of fresh baby greens – Paleo and Keto

Garden Salad

A bed of fresh lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and egg.

Chili & Soup

Soup of the day – Made in our kitchen 12oz


Homemade Beef & Bean Chili 12oz

Add cheese .50


French Fries


Pasta Salad


Seasonal Fruit of the Week


Small Side Salad



Fresh muffin or cinnamon roll


Sausage or bacon biscuit

Add cheese $0.50

Egg biscuit


Bacon and egg biscuit


Sausage and egg biscuit


Grilled cheese


Sausage and egg sandwich


Bacon and egg sandwich


Two pancakes with syrup


2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausages


A la Carte

Order of Bacon


Order of Sausage Patties


Two Eggs Any Style


Extra Biscuit


Wheat or White Toast


Drinks & Sweets

Can Soda- Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite




Orange Juice


Cranberry Juice


2% Milk



Sweet or Unsweetened
16oz $1.25
24oz $2.25


16oz $1.25
24oz $2.25


16oz $2.00
24oz $3.00


$2.00 each

Two Cookies


Cake/Pie of the Day


Potato Chips


Tea and Lemonade Refills

16oz $1.00
24oz $1.25

3 Ways To Serve You!

Pick Up

Call to place your order and pick up at our location. Items will be in ready to serve containers.

Drop Off

We will deliver your order in disposable containers. Service include disposable plates, utensils and napkins.  Disposable chaffing sets are an additional $10.00 each.

Full Service

A catering professional will deliver and set your food, maintain and serve all food items. This service includes disposable plates, napkins, and utensils, set up and break down. Server are $20.00 each per hour with 2 hours minimum. 18% service charge applied. We also have a formal, sit down dinner setting with servers, bartenders and more. Call us for prices!

Gift Cards Available!

Great and convenient – makes A Fabulous gift for your boss, coworker or just to say thank you to a client or vendor.
Gift cards are refillable and can be used for the deli or catering.