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Order a tray for your next party.  Choose one of our options OR mix and match one of your own!- So many Possibilities

These prices do not include paper goods or taxes.

Breakfast Tray

Choose a tray of assorted sweet pastries, muffins, fruit, bagels with assorted cream cheese, or croissants with butter and honey
$7.50 per person

Cookie Tray

Fresh-baked cookies that make the perfect dessert or snack. Your choice of Chocolate Chip, White chocolate Macadamia nut, Peanut Butter, Sugar and Oatmeal raisin.
$14.95 per dozen

Veggie Tray

A colorful assortment of fresh vegetable served with your choice of ranch or honey mustard dressing. $60.00 for regular-size tray (serves 15-20) $70.00 for large-size tray (serves 25-30)

Fruit Tray

A Beautiful display of delicious seasonal Fresh Fruits served with whipped Yogurt Cream.
$70.00 for regular-size tray (serves 15 -20)
$85.00 for a Large-size tray (serves 25-30)

Meat Tray

A variety of the finest meats make this a very popular tray popular tray. Choose from turkey, roast beef, etc. $75.00 for regular-size tray (serves 15-20) $85.00 for a large-size tray (serves 25-30) Bread Tray (assorted) $15.00

Cheese Tray

Four-Cheese tray. Served with Crackers. $75.00 for regular-size try (serves 15-25) $85.00 for large-size tray (serves 25-30)

Sandwich Tray

Enjoy your choice of 1/2 sandwiches including chicken salad, ham, turkey roast beef, pimento cheese and tuna or create your own.
$75.00 for regular-size tray (serves 15-18)
$85.00 for large-size tray (serves 20-23)

Fruit and Cheese Tray -

$70.00 for regular-size tray (serves 15-20)
$85.00 for large-size tray (serves 25-30)

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